We would like to thank all of the volunteers who contributed to the success of this Auction.

Special thanks to our graphics designer,
Chaya Fischman (BrandRight Marketing Group), for designing all of the graphics materials.

Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzchak Charner
in memory of Rabbi and Mrs. Tuvia Charner and Mr. Shimon Dreyfuss
Shana and Zac Mannes
Eva and Isaac Moses
Tamar and David Volosov
Rabbi and Mrs Yehuda Fleischmann
Carol and Tuvia Lazar
Mr. and Mrs. Raanan and Ellen Shames
in memory of Leah Hinda bas Natan and Yosef Moshe ben Eliezer
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Shelley Kadden
in honor of Akiva and Tali Kotek Rabbi and Mrs. Manny Dreyfuss
"Mama" Pierce and Grandpa Jack
in honor of Dassie Poyurs
Mr. Danny and Mrs. Adina Gewirtz
in honor of Rivka Marks
Mrs. Hanna Leiter
in honor of my grandchildren Yehuda, Avraham Leib and Shoshana Schwartz
Miriam Glashofer
Valery and Oksana Tsimmerman
Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Rapoport
in honor of Yossi and Eli Adler
Rabbi and Mrs. Micah Segelman
in honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzchak Charner
Scott and Dora Keller
Fay Kasser
Ms. Rivka Yerushalmi
in memory of Isadore Kozatch z'l
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Silver
as a Refuah Shelima for William Silver

We truly apologize if any names have been inadvertently omitted.

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