At the Torah School of Greater Washington, we strive to nurture and develop each child academically, socially, and spiritually. We pride ourselves on the warmth and professionalism of our staff, our attention to middos education, and our high academic standards.

Since the Torah School was established in 1994, we have grown from 82 to almost 370 students from Kindergarten through Grade six, serving families throughout the Washington metropolitan area. In spite of this incredible growth, our children continue to learn in an environment in which instruction is tailored to their specific needs and maximizes the potential of every student.

When one enters the Torah School, a sense of excitement about Yiddishkeit is palpable. Visitors often remark upon the aura of calm, order, and happiness emanating from the children they observe as they walk down the hallways or visit the classrooms. As we reflect on more than 20 years of educating Jewish children, we are proud to have as our continual ideal and guiding force: "Chanoch la'na'ar al pi darko" (Educate each child according to his/her nature.)–Mishlei 22:6.
About TSGW
About TSGW
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